Wednesday, June 20, 2012

walking on eggs!

please don't judge me on my daughters hair.  their hair seems to be crazy quite frequently.  But, ya know, there are more important things in life.  Like walking on eggs....

Did you know you can walk on them and they won't break?  its pretty true.  We only broke 2, not a bad ratio 2 out of 9.  The girls thought that was the best thing ever!  It was our science experiment for the day.  And it was fun.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Lost Tooth and STOMP fun.

Miss E lost her second front tooth!  I was hoping that she would have those two front teeth gone at the same time.  And it happened!!! She talks so cute right now without her front teeth.  Her darling cousin pulled out the tooth while spending the night.  It is wonderful to have so many cousins so close!

I wanted this picture so badly... the essence of "kidness" right here, without two front teeth.  
This age is so fun.  Getting old enough to joke and have fun with and still believes in Magic.  Childhood is incredible.

"Look Mom, it will stick from my blood!"  

Now switching topics... Park time, I have brought my camera to every park and adventure we have been on during the last 3 weeks of our summer and I have only taken this one picture below.  I realized that yesterday.  Sad.  I will be better!  But isn't it a cute one.  Look at those cute little pig tails.

Lastly, Has anyone in the world seen STOMP

it is the most fantastic show/concert. period.

 Kyle and I went and saw it when I was pregnant with Miss H.  It was my only outing (other than dr app's) during my bedridden pregnancy and WOW was it AWESOME!  Miss H thought so too.  She danced all night in my womb.  I thought that was great, healthy and kicking!  Well tonight we experienced it again.  Kyle made a drumming sound with his hands at the dinner table and Miss E replicated the rythum.  It ended with full on drumming session with the objects on the table.  Forks were pinging against glasses, table, plates, plastic cups and anything we could reach.  It was a blast!  We banged and drummed and danced!  It was one of those magical moments when everyone is laughing and loving and living in the moment.  Completely enjoying our family together.  The girls want to do it again tomorrow night.  Oh baby!  I can't wait!

Monday, June 11, 2012

Making in the Kitchen

i can't believe its been a month since i last posted.  summer.  its too fun.

Miss H loves to "Make" in the Kitchen.  "Mom, can I Make with you?" "What are you making?"  I love it because it evokes creativity into cooking.  In essence "Mom, can I create with you?"  Awesome.  This particular morning we were making pancakes.  I love big breakfasts.  

 This morning Miss H got a bit carried away with the flour!

Through the Eye of my Baby...  Miss H then took a picture of me.  I had just washed my hands and was going to dry them off.  I just think its cute when kids take pictures.  Too see what they see.  And learn what is interesting to them.