Friday, April 29, 2011


We had a MOST EXCELLENT family night.  It wasn't actually "Family Night" but we certainly had some great family fun time.  We had been wanting to go to this jump place but hadn't been able to squeeze it in.  But Guess What?!?  We finally did!  AND HOT DOG!  It was way more awesome than I thought!  The place has a dodge ball section (I couldn't take pictures of this because I was a bit too busy)

 They had a foam pit that we all loved.  Chase (my brother- oh side note- so we went to Utah and then a bit later- who shows up? Yep my little bro who we went to visit!  Lucky us!!) is here doing a back flip into the pit.  ON this particular jump he almost ate it!  But not to worry he didn't.  And for his pride this was his only close call
 They had lil kids blow up things.  I don't know what these are really called.  But the girls (well me too) love them.  We slid down the slides, played house in the a big house jump house (how many times can I use the word house?!?)  And just had so much fun!  We also had a dance party in the jumpy house without music- we danced to our own music.
 Chase and Miss H Going down the slide
 What a great lucky shot!! My nice camera died and I'm being stubborn- I won't buy a new one until I can get "the one"  I want.  SO until then we borrow beg and almost steal other cameras or just use our phone_which is most of the time_  But DANG!  MISS E is having so much fun!  I think we all felt like this!
 Proof that I'm not getting too old!

 Miss H having a ball in the pit- she loved it best when we just tossed her in :)  I love being a mom!

Chase and Kyle doing their tricks in Unison.  How adorable those two guys are!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

This is on a whim

I am a whimmsy kinda gal.  Sometimes I wish I could really plan things.  But usually when I don't plan, it goes better.  So here it goes...

I have been feeling guilty for wanting adoption.  I biologically can have a child- in fact I've done it twice.  (patting myself on the back right now)  But that process didn't go so hot.  As Kyle says, "If you lived when or where there were no doctors, then I'd have no girls in my life."

So I guess that kinda sums up the reasoning for not biologically birthing a child from Kyle's perspective.

But I still feel guilty.  I have been having these dreams that I find a child in a box on the street or more frequently now that I open the door to our home and there is a baby all wrapped up warm on our doorstep.  Obviously this is a dream and not how adoption happens now a days but even in my dream I ask, "Why did you choose me?"  Of all the doorsteps why this door.  What makes me so special to be chosen to be this precious child's mother.  There are women out there that don't have any children.  And here I am opening my hat saying, "Please sir, can I have sum mow?"

Tonight we had an adoption class, which I love.  This was the last one until october.  It was on infertility and the joy that adoption is.  I was feeling doubly guilty tonight cause there were a few couples there that had been waiting for a while and still don't have a little child to raise and love.  Do you know that feeling when you are missing someone that isn't here but you know they are supposed to be.

That is how I feel.  Little child of mine.  I miss you.  I want you to be with your sisters.  I want you to be with your daddy and me.  I haven't even met you in this life and I love you.

Last week our class was a panel of amazing birth moms.  And I have heard this said before but coming from the mouth of a birth mom, it became true to me.  "The child that I bore, wasn't mine.  It was his mothers.  I just helped him get to earth."

That night I felt the spirit so strong that this is right.  Its not only OK that we are adopting but EXACTLY what we are supposed to be doing.  I feel so grateful for the powerful testimony the Lord gave me that night.  We are supposed to adopt and the child that is coming to our home is coming home.  This child is watching from above right now.  He is watching Heavenly Father place everything where it needs to be so that we can learn and grow and become who he wants us to be.  He is directing the show.  It is not me or Kyle being selfish.  This is the Lord's plan.

It's the Lord's plan and not mine.  It doesn't matter how long we wait for children, how they come, or the reasons why.  What matters is that The Lord knows.  He knows.  He knows our hearts and He knows the eternal perspective.  He knows who belongs where.  It is not our place to ask.  The Lord love me and my daughters and my hubby and our children that are still not here with us.

I wish that I could just grow my baby in my tummy and prevent the heartache that would save for so many.  But I guess that is not meant to be.  Sometimes the "plan" we have doesn't go according to the plan.  But I guess that is ok.

I am so grateful and love already, especially after our class last week, for the birth mom that will be in our life.  I am so grateful for the paths the Lord has created and for the children that are still coming to my home.  I love you little ones.

I think I'm in love

Miss E had a singing performance at her Kindergarten.  3 Classes, 60 5 year olds standing up on stage singing for their parents.  It was adorable, cute, funny.  All of the above.

 Notice Miss E looking at the boy.

Miss E told me after the show that she wanted to do the hand motions but the teacher told her to keep her arms down, so she was doing her best not to do the motions.  So  CUTE!

The three kindergarten classes.  They are so small and so big at the same time.

Uh Oh!  She did a hand motion.  Too cute.

Do you see that boy with the red shirt and long blond hair.  Most of the performance Emma was staring at him.  When she put her hands up like this I decided that she just DID NOT LIKE HIM.  Boy could I have been more wrong!!  The FIRST thing she says to me is, "Mom that boy next to me with the beautiful hair, I think I'm in love with him.  But I am going to marry Cache (a boy that she has a crush on)  and I am confused!"  Oh!  Sweetheart, this is just the beginning.

p.s that night at dinner Kyle didn't think it was adorable that she likes the boy.  He said, "Nope, you are supposed to like me the best until you are 25."

Isn't that just the dad of a girl!! I just bust up laughing right there in front of them.  They were all looking at me like, "What?"

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

I think they are so beautiful.

Here's a few from our easter photo shoot.  

Monday, April 25, 2011


I think I have like 25 pictures from Easter Yesterday posted.  I took a few more than that :)  We had such a fun day.  It was a funny week of counting down to the big "candy bunny day"  as my girls liked to call it.  Every day the question was posed, "Which many more days?"  At first I would name the days that we had left but I stood corrected, they didn't want to know which days but how many days.  My mistake!

So the easter bunny hides the girls baskets when he comes so they get to go on a treasure basket hunt.  It is great fun and for the first time Miss E got stumped.  I guess the Easter bunny realized she's getting older.  Sigh.

I think she liked the necklace.

The disbelief and joy! funny thing I actually think this is my favorite picture.

showing off the jewelry

Take a nice gander at those bangs!  Yep she cut them.  More on that in days to come.

Miss H and Miss E both received finger nail polish in their baskets and Miss H was having a ball painting my toes, and my fingers and my skin, and my pants and the coffee table......  but it was fun :)


Miss H wearing her necklaces- and one of Miss E's

Here is Miss E when she heard it was time for the easter egg hunt.  She took off running.  This might be my favorite picture.

She gave me a nice smile as she ran past


I think Miss H liked what she found.  No wait, any one of these three.

Sadly (for me) she was not sharing, but showing off.  I don't blame her :)

All the kidos checking out their loot and enjoying the spoils.   Or this one picture- I can't decide I just love my sweets so much! They had a humongously fun time- 

Actually so did us "adults"  While the dads were hiding the kids easter eggs the kids went and hid the adult easter eggs.  So in the adult eggs there are numbers.  And when the hunt is all over we, the parents, go inside and get to pick from a litter of stuff that everyone has contributed to.  IT IS SO FUN!!  Who says the kids get to have all the fun.  My dad has always been annoyed with this tradition and we finally found out why.  He was in the hunt.  He wanted to join in to!  So he did.  And he now loves it.

Yea!  I got a picture of Kyle and he's sort of looking my direction!  SCORE!!

My sister.

My dad.

Me reaching for Halie (with my egg that had the #2 inside-score !)  and my other sister probably wondering why Im not looking at my daughter but at the camera.   She was unsure of jumping and was taking -a long time- so I took the opportunity to pose.  

My brother getting some help from the egg hider.

All (well most) of the kidos before dinner and right after the hunts.  Dang we are lucky!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Park Time Has BEGUN!

 So during summer we like to walk to the park (or ride our bikes) and have dinner at the park.  
We haven't ventured with the whole dinner yet since it's still cold but we have begun our park (almost) daily tradition!  

Yesterday Miss H went to the park 3 times! Once for an easter egg hunt, once when we went as our whole family and once the girls went with the babysitter while we had a date night. 

One the way to the park- the excitement is building........

 The Swings- which I must say is the absolute favorite.  I actually don't really enjoy pushing the swings because I can't see their fabulous smiles.  What's the fun of the work if you can't have the enjoyment of the outcome??  Well I guess it is because you know your child is having a blast but still- I want to see the smile~  Yesterday Miss H and I went on the swing together- she was facing me, and that was wonderful.  I got to see her smile, I got to swing, loved it~

Slide time

She's all posing- i love it, but it also makes me sad cause she is growing up


 It was FABULOUS!! Hooooooray for warmer weather!!!  HOOOOray for family park time!