Sunday, September 30, 2012

picking grapes

Everyone wore their ugly clothes so that they wouldn't ruin clothes with the grape juice, I didn't even think of that, so my girls are out their in their cute school stuff, oh well!  Luckily we didn't get anything stained!!

We got up super early, before school, and picked and picked and picked grapes.  It was a blast.  The girls and I thought it was so fun.  We picked with all the cousins.  Then I took them all to school and then met my mom and sisters at my moms house.  Then, we canned grape juice the rest of the day!  It was great.  It felt so romantic to be out there with our baskets.  I love silly simple things like that :)

My miss E.

Obviously, I am biased.  But I adore this little girl.  She dances to her own music, follows life to her own drum beat, flows though her day the way a bee buzzes through air.  Does it really have a purpose? Yes that bee has a specific direction, goal, and is driven to accomplish, you just wouldn't thinks so as it zigzags through the air incomprehensibly.  As my Miss E.  She has the most interesting outfits she puts together.  Dresses as skirts are a very very common attire in our house.  No worries, she puts "another skirt on top to cover the arm holes"  Direct Quote.

Below she has set up her reading station.  She reads to me for 20 min each day as part of her homework.  This is not her favorite time of the day but she does it with flair!  I never thought it was possible to read with flair, but I was wrong.  Every day she sets up her reading spot differently.  This day she was in our rocker, with my sisters high heels on, with an umbrella perched atop her.  Why the umbrella?  Im not sure, but she loved it.   

We had crazy hair day.  So her hair was sprayed blue for the day.  The dye is the coolest stuff.  It washes right out.  So if she wants blue hair on crazy hair day, more power to her :)  Yseterday she tied a scarf end to each of her wrist so she could have a shawl but not have to hold on to it.  Creative, I tell you.  Creative.  Also she makes accessories like it is going out of style.  One day this week she was franticly making a necklace for school so she could have something that matched her outfit.  (Funny enough the necklace didn't match!)  But she finished it in the car on way to school and she was tickled pink with it.  Love her.

She never thinks, is this wierd, maybe people will think I'm weird. Nope. She is completly herself. Through and Through.  I hope she never stops.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Potty Training Funniness

I am not good at potty training.  Im just not.  It is best to acknowledge your weak spots.  So that being said will clarify the next story from saturday....

Miss H were sitting on our jean blanket, watching her soccer game.  Yep you read that right, she was "resting"  Funny, all in itself.  But she's 4.  And cute.  And she happened to be on the bench.  

There is a little boy who is VERY good at soccer.  At age 5, he is dribbling the ball down the sideline, keeping it in play and then weaving it in and out of players and shoots and SCORES!.  I am not exaggerating.  That is what he does.  Throughout the whole game.  

So we are sitting there, watching this happen, and I say to my sister-in-law, "That little guy is going to have quite the soccer career, he is so good."

Miss H looks up at me so sweetly and says, "Me too, cause I go pee and poop in the toilet!"

I reply, "That's right!"

My daughter is going to have an amazing soccer career because she can go potty in the toilet.  

(Actually she can't, only about 1/2 the time.  ALWAYS she poops in the toilet, half the time she pees in the toilet.  If I reminder, she goes every time.  But now that I have been reminding her for the last 2 years, It get old and I forget and then she doesn't go in the toilet.  Then I'm mad at me for forgetting to tell her. So I try to remind her, still.)

On a different subject...

Isn't Kyle so cute, holding that toddler.  She is my niece and LOVES kyle.  Yesterday she chose Kyle over her dad, whoops, sorry dad.  What can I say I have a chick Magnet for a husband :)

another fantastic idea, by my mom

We have been canning.... A LOT.  Unlike my mom and sister, I don't can because I LOVE  to, I don't love to.  But I love the idea of getting ready for winter and providing for my family.  I love being a good mom, and since my mom always canned, then that is one of the things that equates "momness"  And everytime I open a home-canned- jar of peaches or whatever, as a snack for my children, I think, Oh I love you.  I can because I love my Children.  

Any ways..... enough sappiness..... Canning = DISHES!!! and my moms dish soap dispener is ridiculous.  and she was trying to kill fruit flies,  (which didn't work)  BUT  this was amazing.  and it will save $$ on dish soap, which is cheap but saving $$ is always great!

So mix soap and a little water into a......

Spray Bottle!  Yea~

2 Squirts seems to be the perfect amount of dish soap!  Hooray!

As my mom was washing this, I was looking something up on pinterest.  And somebody said, we should put this on pinterest, But I am the only one with a blog, so it fell to me.  :)

Monday, September 10, 2012

fun busy week...

 Random, Pretty Normal Week for us...

Here is Miss H, looking utterly confused at what to do, which is pretty normal, during her game. 

Miss H's Soccer game.  She mainly stands on the outskirts of the action and twists her hair.  

Here she is asleep, in the parking lot of Miss E's Elementary school.  What a position!  I couldn't believe my eyes.  I did the "quiet laugh" all by myself.  Who cares?  Who sleeps like that?

One Morning this last week, while waking up the girls (which I do by singing "Zippy Do Da" and such songs, I am sure they LOVE IT.  I know I do, hee hee)  Anyways, The sunrise looked AMAZING.  Wonderful way to start the day.  With a sunrise like that.  Its in moments like this, of EXCEPTIONAL beauty, that I realize how much Heavenly Father loves each of His children.  Seriously, what a masterpiece to give.

Summer is officially FANTASTIC.  Now that we met up with the Ice Cream man.  It literally took us all summer, and this time was just barely, we were about to leave.

Sleeping in the backyard!  Kyle put the tent up on Friday night, and took it down on Sunday Evening.  The girls LOVE sleeping out there.  So special and cool!  They spent nearly every waking moment we were home in or around the tent.  They set up a liberary and a toy store and, and, and ... ok they pretty much move out there.

Good to be little.

And one more noteworthy thing,... I ordered pizza for our Friday Night Movie Night, and ordered the LARGEST pizza I have ever seen.  2 FEET ACROSS! Two pizzas that size. And one medium.  We had to invite over extra cousins just so that we could finish it.  We had 10 cousins and 3 adults.  We all Ate until we were stuffed, we had left overs, next two days we ate Pizza for lunch and this morning, I had to throw 4 very large slices away.  We COULD NOT finish them.  Crazy.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Soccer Mom

Oh Me, Oh My!


Kyle is the Coach.

I am a soccer mom!  

 "Phew! I am sweaty after that!"

Tuesdays are her very most favorite days, school AND soccer.  In fact, we enjoy the song about tuesday she has been singing...

"Oh Tuesday, Tuesday, Oh yea! I love Tuesday!"

Farewell Summer, Hello Schedule

I am always so sad when school starts.  I just LOVE summer.  I love the long days playing in the water.  I love to have no agenda but time with my children.  I must admit, My girls are THRILLED with the beginning of school.  Miss E got the teacher I have been praying for all summer.  This teacher is FANTASTIC!!! of course what Miss E is really excited about is ...  Friends and friends.  I guess thats a good thing.  Especially Miss H is excited for (pre)school, she is IN LOVE with having "important" things to be doing.  I am just grateful that I have only two mornings with them both away from home.  Those mornings have been quiet and nice but I am not ready to have my girls away all day, is that lame?  I just miss them!  I tried the homeschool thing this summer, but that CERTAINLY didn't work, Miss E does NOT like to have me for her teacher, we get along MUCH better when she is learning school stuff from someone else.  Its good to be honest with yourself...

Anyhow, here is first day week of school pictures!

I love how Miss E (in the black) thinks she is darling.   It's a good thing to have such thoughts.  There are enough people in the world telling you otherwise.  
Notice her shoes, Grammie, Nanna, Dad, and I went to about 10 different places looking for those.  We were about to say, "No shoes for you!"  Finally we realized she wanted sparking ballet slippers and we were trying to get her PE tennis shoes.  She needed both since all she had were flip flops and some Saltwater Sandals.  Can't wear sandals to school!  So once we figured that out, our shopping was done in ONE store. 
 Communication.  Its a killer!

(Notice Grandma in the background)

Yesterday after Miss H came home from (pre)school, and I sat and held her while she slept.  
Actually that is a lie!  
I went in to sit and snuggle with her, while she was watching a movie, and who do I find? Yep, Kyle was holding my sleeping child.  What a Punk!  I wanted to do that.  So I just sat myself right next to him and snuggled on in.  Kyle and I sat there for about an hour, savoring that little moment.

I found this yesterday...

On a separate note... last night we had Back-to-School night AND an adoption function, the first of four this month... can I just say, that its so hard to go to those things.  I want another child so deeply.  I feel selfish.  But it's the truth.  I am so blessed with my two girls.  But OH! to have a large, rambunctious, loud, fun, tumbling family.  My heart yearns for that.  Yearns for another child (children) to love and cherish and raise.