Thursday, December 8, 2011

Yummy yummy tradition!

We made candy! we started a new tradition. When each child turns 9 they get to skip one day of school during the candy making week and help us make candy! At 9 we think they are old enough to not destroy any candy and they are old enough to really enjoy the experience. And they get a glimpse of us moms while we aren't "mothering" it was great! I'm excited for when Miss E turns 9 :)

But on the last night of candy making we stay late after school and all the kids get to get their hands yummy!
For the kids we just make some truffles and then let them dip those in chocolate & then they get to have fun too :)

Miss H doesn't like her hands too messy, but she loved the process of helping. She just melts my heart every day.

Miss E waiting patiently.

Doesn't that look appetizing? Not so much??

But it is fun for everyone!

Friday, November 25, 2011

100 things I'm grateful for

In no particular order

1. Children who sing & dance with me
2. Sunshine
3. Water
4. Genuine hugs
5. chocolate
6. Hot chocolate
7. Promises from my heavenly Father
8. Thrift stores
9. A man who loves me and accepts my wierdness unconditionally
10. Garlic
11. Dancing in the rain
12. Boating and all it entails
13. Sunday afternoons
14. Shopping
15. Temples
16. Music
17. Making pretty things
18. A man that does nice things for me
19. Holding little babies
20. Photographs
21. Christmas lights
22. Good books
23. Fire places
24. Making snowmen
25. Snow skiing
26. Early mornings
27. My girls smiles
28. The book of Mormon
29. My iPhone
30. Long hot showers
31. Kisses on the cheek
32. flip flops
33. Butterfly kisses
34. Warm sand
35. Pretty clothes
36. Old things
37. Snuggling with my girls
38. Snuggling with Kyle
39. Cool children's books
40. The Holy Ghost
41. Warm blankets
42. Board Games
43. My girls laughter
44. Jumping on the trampoline
45. Skipping
46. Google
47. Hiking in nature
48. Skirts & dresses
49. My road bike!
50. Inspiring emails
51. Creativity
52. Family vacations
53. Massages
54. Home improvements
55. Feeling my feet in the grass
56. Bracelets with words On them
57. Colored pencils
58. Paint
60. Laying on the boat with the sun shining down on me
61. The first flowers of spring
62. Pencils and paper
63. Microwaves
64. Warm socks
65. Thought provoking movies
66. Wakesurfing
67. Cooking gadgets
68. sweats
69. Rolling pins
70. Concerts
71. Organization
72. Great ideas
73. Holding hands
74. My mini cooper
75. Friends who think of me
76. Sisters who love me
77. Double rainbows!
78. The color blue
79. Funny utube videos
80. Fancy glasses
81. My family who are so fun
82. Piano lessons
83. Glass
84. Laughing
85. Musicals
86. "Find my iPhone" app
87. Hiring someone to mow the lawn
88. Scrapbooks
89. Journal writing
90. Writing in general
91. Adoption
92. A clean house
93. Finding cool things in nature
94. Kyle having work!!
95. Good fitting jeans
96. Getting into bed at night
97. Hats, to cover bad hair days!
98. The fact that my brother & husband are best friends
99. A Heavenly Father who loves me
100. Eternal families
101. I get to be a stay at home mom! Amazing wonderful blessing.
102. My Savior and the Eternal Plan of Happiness

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Bury busy hurry scurry laugh laugh

I was rushing out the door to run my little girls to their schools. The morning had not gone very smoothly. At Miss E's school they were hosting a breakfast for moms and children. I wanted to make sure we made it. I was stressed and rushed.

I turned on the car and the radio sprang into action..., the song playing was a message from above... Literally, I think my Father in Heaven was trying to tell me something.

I'm in a hurry to get things done
Oh why!
Rushin Rushin till lifes no fun

All I got to do is live and die
But I'm in a hurry and don't know why

seriously. That was the song.

Rushing busy hurry girls we got to go. Gotta scrub gotta clean gotta do homework, gotta learn to read, gotta get coats on, gotta make dinner, gotta gotta gotta.... Don't know why, Rushin Rushin till life's no fun.

WAIT!! I DO know WHY - and it's the why that makes all the difference. It's just about keeping the WHY in the forefront of my mind. keeping the why In focus during the actions.

Whats the why? Why are all these things we do so important? Because my purpose is to create an eternal family. And anything important takes lots of work. Smart work.

"See that all these things are done in wisdom and order; for it is not requisite that man should run faster than he has strength...." Mosiah 4:27

Does it matter if my house is vaccumed everyday? Of course not. Does it matter if my house stays clean and orderly. Yes, because the spirit will not dwell in unclean places. Is it important that I make a healthy dinner and eat as a family every night.

Without question. That's vital to a strong family. Do I need to make everything gourmet & elaborate? Sadly no. Does it matter that we are dressed and on time, I believe it is. perhaps I should not try to get so much done in the morning & just focus on that.

So I should not do more than is needful because I don't have the strength for that but ...

"{wo}Men should be anxiously engaged in a good cause, and do many things of their own free will, and bring to pass much righteousness; For the power is in them, wherein they are agents unto themselves...." D&C 58:27,28

My purpose is to create a strong eternal family.

{old picture!}
My purpose is not to have everything perfect or to compare myself and feel bad about everything that I'm not doing. Is it possible to bring to pass much righteousness without going crazy? Yes because "the power is in them" given to us by a loving Heavenly Father. I certainly can't do it all myself but with Him I can do what is needed and enjoy it along the way.

And I can do it with Happiness because "{wo}men are that they might have joy"

Well. How? How, I am asking myself. How do I rely on Father and raise a strong vibrant family in righteousness, happily without creating volumes of stress?

He has the answer for everything! Obviously I'm not that great at following His advice but I'm trying.

"Organize yourselves; prepare every needful thing; and establish even a house of prayer... a house of faith, a house of learning...a house of order, a house of God...." D&C 88:119

Ok, Organize myself. A house of faith. A house of order. A house of prayer.
Organizing myself is hard for me, I tend to get distracted, ooh! Art! Ohh! That baseboard needs washing! Ahh! I have an idea & I must do it right now.

Julie beck says that we need to do essential items the very first thing in the morning. Pray, roll out of bed into a kneeling position. After your prayer spin around into a sitting position and read your scriptures. Then get up, make your bed and straight away get dressed. I love this. And I'm going to incorporate it. Because it will help me do what my purpose is. My great responsibility. They talk about stressed college students. Ha. Try being a stay at home mom with an eternal goal!! {at least one that was trying to do it all with her own strength.}
I seriously am so grateful I am a mother. I have 2 wonderful children that make me laugh and create so much joy in my life. I guess I needed a reminder to slow down and enjoy my time with them. I won't have them in my home forever and that time is going too fast.

{I just found these awesome books at a thrift store, so great, they tell true life stories about people that had these great qualities. My girls have loved them}

The last two days I read to my girls for about 45 minuets. It was such bliss to sit down and relax with them and cuddle with them. Just enjoying. And that is essential to a strong, happy, eternal family.


Friday, October 21, 2011

Haunted gingerbread houses

Every October we make Haunted Gingerbread Houses- it might be a bigger highlight for Miss E than
Trick or Treating. It's a pretty big deal in this family.

The supplies

The progress

Miss Es finished project - we've come a long way in the last 3 years!

Miss Hs finished project

Happy face

Scary face


Thursday, October 6, 2011

Mexican Hot Chocolate

Did you know it took me forever FOREVER, to learn to spell "chocolate" I finally figured it out about a year ago

Ok here is a very very simple way to make spicy Mexican dark hot chocolate. I made some yesterday in enjoyment of the stormy rainy outside.

My kids were playing happily so I took a moment to just relish :) it was wonderful!

My sister gave me packages of yummy chocolate for my birthday!!! Fun!!

So I used half of this Cayan Chocolate about 1.3 oz

And I chopped it all up

Then I melted it on low stirring constantly then I added 6-7 oz of half n half. Then I poured it in a cup and enjoyed!

I hope you enjoy too!


Friday, September 30, 2011

weekend getaway and president Uchtdorf

We are headed out today for Utah to go to the mountains and watch conference, I am so excited.  Its been a long 10 days and this is so welcomed!

I found this very cool idea for conference if anyone is interested.  Chocolate on my Cranium is where I found it, I am excited to give it a try.  It sounds cool, go to this page to find it.

 (we have done conference bingo and conference packets found at

Also, I wasn't able to watch the Relief Society broadcast but this wonderful talk was given by President Uchtdorf  go to:

Forget Me Not

To watch or read.

Have a great conference!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Hero day at school

Me- it's so sweet you want to dress up as me on hero day, thank you!

Emma- well dads clothes would fall off me, but he's still my hero

At least I come in second
I'll take it! I'm glad her hero isn't Hannah montanna :)

Brit (Aka hero #2)

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Surgery day :(

Miss H is asleep on me right now. How often does this happen? Rarely. Our littlest one had to get her tonsils out and her adenoids out and tubes in her ear. Right now she's curled up in a little ball on my lap. I love having her little weight on me. This moment makes me realize how short a time that my little ones will be little. I will miss this time of life.

My miss H is so BRAVE I am so proud of her. And now she'll be able to breathe at night and not be sick all the time!!! Yea!!


Her decorated mask

And now, she is so tender and sweet and lovely.

I am so grateful she is in my life.


Thursday, September 15, 2011

Parenting class

Every year (almost) I take this parenting class. I like it because 1. I need all the help I can get! 2. It helPs me keep focus 3. She's amazing and reminds me of my mom. 4.every week I have a parenting goal that I am working towards, and I love that!

There is this fantastic girl, Andrea, and she takes amazing notes. Usually she emails the notes out but to make it easier and more accessible to more peoPle she made a blog!! (with carleens permission of course!)

If you want you can read what she writes every week. The classes are on tuesday mornings so expect updates on those days...



Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Our 1st lost tooth!!!

Miss E has a "Lost Tooth Club" and she's been dying to join the other kids on the wall. Today she had a dentist appointment and begged the dentist to pull it out. He said, "No!" i can't pull put your first loose tooth!"

Then Miss E was putting a towel away. As usual she was pretending to be a puppy and was carrying the towel in her mouth. She tripped on the towel and yet the tooth didn't come out

Darn it!

But Miss E persevered, in the next few minutes she wiggled and pulled and wiggled and pulled and then ....,


She pulled it out!

That's my Miss Independent. She certainly goes after what she wants :)

Fun day, can't wait for the tooth fairy!


Grapefruit Lover

Just some cute pictures of Miss H...

This girl loves food. All food.  We were at an art festival where people sell things that they make and one lady was selling Indian Sauces, spicy spicy sauces.  Miss H wanted to eat the sauce with a spoon!  This grapefruit is without sugar!  I mean wow girl! and isn't she cute in her ballerina clothse?

Friday, September 9, 2011

Melt a Mothers Heart

As you all know we have been working really hard to teach Miss E to read, well She isn't reading here, BUT i don't care.  It melted my heart.

I walked downstairs to this view.... 

can you see them? OOHHH SO DARLING!

I snuck closer.... 
(I was afraid of breaking the magic)

Then Miss E and Miss H saw me ...
but Miss E was so excited that I had my camera and wanted me to film them.  So I did.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

SUMMER ... = ... FUN

I had these photos of our summer all organized, sort of, but at least in some semblance of order and when I imported (all 50!) they became a huge jumbled mess and I am sad to say I do not know how to change the order once they are here, on this page.  so enjoy our random summer videos and photos 

The day before school starts we go on a treasure hunt for fun school accessories.  Such as coloring books for the bus, hair stuff and such... its our fun tradition

swimming time

Miss H riding her bike for the first time!

Miss E and Miss H and I made a list of fun things we wanted to do this summer, so that way it wouldn't get complacent and repetitive.  I love feeling like life is an adventure but usually to make it like that you gotta plan your adventures... so here is what we did....

the girls played dress up and danced on the furniture

they relaxed on the couch
we got really messy eating yummy stuff

We went to lake powell and enjoyed LOTS of family time

Miss E tubed (so did Miss H)

Im not sure what Miss E is doing here, but I loved the picture

This is the girls when we finally saw lake powell

Flying kites behind the houseboat

We swam Nearly every day this summer and Miss H fell asleep on the way home Nearly every day.

Miss E at the sight of the Kites almost colliding

We enjoyed the Lake

We went to the Zoo inSalt Lake and here is all of the cousins on my side of the family

Miss H Checking out some animal, I think there was a Jaguar in there
Miss H checking out the elephants

We saw a peacock

We ate treats

We went school shopping and then did a fashion show with the cousins... (or "the guys" as Miss H calls her cousins)

We celebrated Miss H's birthday (so hot the cake melted)

We went on a hike to this waterfall, but the river was flooding so we couldn't go any further!

All the kids got in a huge mud party in the flooded run off and then we hosed them off and they got in the hot tube!  (later we had to empty the tub cause it  was dirte'

I had to get something when we went school shopping and aren't they cute!~

Not as cute as that face though

We celebrated Miss E's birthday! (6 now!)

We climbed trees

The girls rode a horse!

The girls rode a horse!

And the girls got a playhouse for their birthdays!!!

Hours of good fun!

We went to caves!!!! and then locked the keys in the car and the dads had to come rescue us with spare keys, it was fun!

But tiring, Miss E fell asleep on the way home!

We played at the local water park, Miss H was thirsty :)
Miss E caught lots of frogs, a fish, many grasshoppers, a praying mantis, a bird, and 2 flys. WHOA.

More swimming at the lake
The fish she caught

We surfed behind the boat

We hiked to some natural hot springs and there were the most beautiful sunflowers
the hot springs are something I want to repeat every summer! _well maybe in the spring cause it was hot!

We swam some more. 
(and more and more and more and more and more and more and more)

after the treasure hunt, this is Miss E's excited face
and this is Miss H's I'm happy but there is sun in my eyes and I don't know what to do about that face

I wish it could be summer all year long (I seriously would be happy with 92 degree weather every dang day) and we could have swimming, catching wildlife, boating, hiking, kite flying, hot springing, caving, dirty, fun, and delicious adventures all year long.