Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Miss E and her big moments

Emma at her very first piano lesson.  She has now been doing piano for 3 weeks and loving it.  We are supposed to sit at the piano together.  We do, and I love it.   Its such a fabulous time to praise and build her.  I am so excited that it is going well, I was concerned.

Funny Moment-  we were leaving and Emma turned to me, eye shinning, "I didn't think that was going to be fun and it was!  I thought I was going to be terrible and I'm  terrific!" 

She even asks me to practice, and at times i have to say all firm like, "Stop Practicing Piano And Come For Dinner."  As if I actually want her to stop practicing.  HAH.  I love it.

Next big moment....  She lost her 6 tooth.  She said, "I didn't know pickles could be that hard!"

She was so thrilled and surprised she wanted me to text this photo to grandmas and aunts.  Another cute thing she said was, "I guess when you don't wiggle it, you forget that its loose!"

A big moment that we have been having in our home is the cute new way Emma is interacting with me.  Halie is just starting to learn how to read.  She is learning words like "and" and "the".  At times when Emma is there,  Emma turns to me constantly with a "knowing twinkle" in her eye and a knowing little smile.  Like, "isnt my younger sister so cute, learning things WE know."  Like the two of us are on a team, helping her little sister join the team too.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Adoption Dream

Yesterday I made a huge sign for my bedroom wall.  I thought I made it with the thought of Kyle and I in mind.  I am so blessed to be married to him.  But I woke up with a different meaning in mind.

You know how when you have been working and planning and hoping for some HUGE thing for a VERY LONG TIME ...and it doesn't happen... yet... and it becomes this far away dream. 
 Almost like it is not real?

I have been feeling that way.

I want a big family.

So deeply.

I love with my whole being my two daughters.  We have been promised through a blessing with more Children.  So I know that dream of a large family will happen.  Its just hard to wait. :)

We are ready.  We have enough space in the car, and a crib, empty, just waiting happily to be filled.

Last night, I had the most amazing dream.  It was fabulous.  

We had 4 children.  My sweet Emma and My darling Halie.   We were at church and I was holding our son Kase.  I wasn't really listening to the lesson.  Just admiring the way my son was snug in my lap.  I enjoyed his toes and his eyes and his adorable suit.   The sister over the nursery came and told me that my daughter needed me.  It was so exciting.  I picked up our precious Kase and walked into where Annabelle waited for me.  She was struggling in nursery.  A new  place.  I took her by the hand.

We went out and sat in the green grass.  We played a game to help calm her.  The sun was so bright and my heart was so full.  I love these children.  Annabelle came and sat on my lap.  We sat happily in the sunshine.  It was perfect.

I woke up with the sweetest joy in my heart.  Peace. 

My Father has a plan for me, for Kyle, for my Children.

Then I looked up my lesson for my tiny sunbeams that I teach at church.  Do you know what it was titled?  Heavenly Father Has a Plan for Me.

Then I happened upon this talk.... The Lord really is talking this morning.  I am so grateful.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Miss H and dancing

 Miss H is in LOVE with dance.  
She thought she was a teapot in her dance recital, but actually, she was a daisy.  It didn't matter, she was adorable.  And as always she stole the show.  My girls are always the ones in the dance that stand out.  Always for funny reasons.  This time Miss H's tutu was too big, and I didn't pin it because.... Well, I just forgot.  And so throughout the entire 3 minute dance, her tutu kept falling down.  It was adorable and funny and oh so charming.  She steals my heart every day.

3 funnies relating to the recital...

1.  Day before the recital...

Miss E and I are clapping the rhythm to her piano song.  Miss H sighed, "Tomorrow, everyone will be clapping for me."

2.  Directly afterward, the first thing she said to me (not hi mom, or yay! flowers) ... 
Miss, H says, "Did you see my tutu fall?!"
Me, "yes!"
Miss H, "Did you laugh?!"
Me, cringing, "yes."
Miss H, "Oh Good!  It was SO FUNNY!"

3. Two days later...
Miss E, "Are you going to ever do something other than dance?"
Miss H, "Like what?"
Miss E, "Karate, or gymnastic..?"
Miss H, "but I love dance! So nope, well I will do music too."

I think the girl likes music.  I like her.

oh and do you see that hair bow, i have lost it, if I don't find it by tomorrow, I have to pay 25$.  hmm.