Sunday, November 11, 2012

October, halloween DIY and shelves

Wow, its been a month!  Time always moves too fast.  Here is what we have been up to.....

the last warm day, spent at the park.  there was homework to be done, which didn't hinder these cousins from having fun.  They were practicing their spelling words while swinging.  

 We went to a HUGE Halloween party where a plane drops candy from the sky.  It is CRAZY fun!  The girls had a blast.  Miss H was wonder woman and likes to close her eyes in pictures right now.  Miss E was      She-Ra, the Princess of Power, I am so proud of my classic cartoon loving girls :)

We make Gingerbread Haunted Houses every October with our Cooper Cousins.   It is SO FUN.  I loved watching all the kids become creative and more skilled in their creations.  This year we had graveyards and coffins and such.

Here is Halloween night, I was so mad I didn't get pictures before the mad candy dash.  The girls looked awesome.  The girls are in their "Super Hero" poses.  I.N.T.I.M.I.D.A.T.I.O.N.

Enjoying beatiful Sunrises.

Here is Miss E, the night of Halloween. Little Super Model, even while sleeping.

My little brother is coming home from his Mission in 3 days!! Wahooo!!! Grandpa is rehearsing "We'll bring the World His Truth." with some of the little cousins.  They are singing this when my brother talks in church.  My dad's secret wish is to be a primary Chorister.

Then.... we have been in organizing mode, fix some things, pretty some things in the house.  Here is the girls bathroom, I framed the mirror and fixed the towel hooks that had been ripped from the wall.

Miss E LOVES, loves, LOVES art and writitng.  She makes at least one book everyday.  Infact, as I am typing she is writing a book called "Miss E and the My Little Pony Adventure."  However this can lead to a crazy amount of "supplies" around the house.  So I built some shelves in their closet to house her writing and art supplies.  Miss E was jumping up and down with excitment.  I guess this project had been desired for sometime.

Canning Season is finally finished and with that came the need for another shelf in the pantry.  Kyle was my knight in shinning armor and built me that top shelf,  very sturdy!  It is hard to see but it is so fantatic and wonderful.  The pantry then "needed" some beautifuying so I painted the doors.  I love my pantry.  I never thought I would type that.

And to top of off Kyles fantasticalness, he built shelves in the garage that now house, holiday decor, baby supplies, photography supplies, boat supplies and camping stuff.  We now don't have need for a storage unit and let me tell you... I am thrilled,

Last but not least, this last month, (because of a general conference sermon) we implemented a Chore Chart.  I am now a certified mom.  We have a chore chart.  It is working! On Fridays we have a family party for everyone who earned the required checks on their charts.  Dad supplies the party so he is exempt from the chart :)  I am so grateful for the guidence of apostles and the prophet.  

Activities not documented:  General Conference, Family Party Nights, Miss E's Readers Theatre

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