Sunday, March 24, 2013

WOW! March 23rd?!

So i can't believe its been so long since I have written on here.  Its been a crazy little while!

Heres what we've been up too...

we repainted and refloored our downstairs!  yay! I love our new digs.

 sorry about the weird orientation.  whoops

Halie's Dance!

 Playing with Chop Sticks! 

A Piano Bench!!
My little brother made it, now I just need to stain.  I LOVE IT.

Sewing Easter Dresses...

And One Broken arm :( Sadness.  Poor little Halie.  She was getting a piggy back ride from her fabulous big sis.  They decided that wasn't good enough and so using a chair, Halie climbed onto Emma's shoulders.  They staggared a few steps and Halie came tumbling down and CRACK went both of the bones in Halie's forearm. She was a trooper.  So that was yesterday, I am sooooo glad its not swimming season yet.  SOOOOO GLAD.

And I have been building a KeyHole Garden.  Wish me luck, I really want to be a successful gardener one of these years.

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Devin said...

So sad about the broken arm! I hope she feels better soon. The best news is, we might even get to see each other about the time the cast is off. We hope we see you soon.