Monday, August 19, 2013

Big News X3 ......

Are you ready for it? Are you? AM I?

News #1 I am pregnant!!!


News #2

nope, not twins :)

I am on bed rest ...
not wahoo but expected
I am 11 along weeks today.

News #3

We are a home educating family now!!!

Am I crazy?

I think so.

But this might explain the MAJOR lack of blog posts.  Even though everyone that reads this probably knew 2 out of the 3 big life changes that were mentioned above.

for the past 3 weeks, since my contractions began, i have been slowly but busily getting my home set up for bed rest and homeschool.  Now that I am pretty much ready (which is good, since I am now down) I will have more time to update this, here, blog. Over the next few days I am going to catch up from the all the summer adventures we've had.  After that I will be posting what we are doing at school and any outings if I can swing them.  I ordered a wheelchair yesterday, so hopefully I can do a little more.  Like go to church and our homeschool group.

We just had stake conference.  Of course the messages were geared right for us.  "See your trials as blessings."  And that is exactly what I intend to do.  7 months of bed rest? a trial? nope, I'm thinking it will be a blessing.  Help us focus on what REALLY matters in life.   Teach my sweet daughters so many life lessons.  Homeschooling? Hard? Probably, but I am thinking this will give us, (my daughters and I) something to do together while I am on the couch.

We are pretty much all geared up and ready to start our first day of "school"  - Pretty exciting times around here.

But if any of you are looking for something to do ... please swing by and say hello!
 We will welcome visitors anytime!

Any sacrifice is worth having children.  And any sacrifice, after they are born, is worth it to help them grow confident, loved, and treasured.  I love my sweet girls with all of my heart and soul, Miss E needed more that what she was getting at public school, I hope and pray that my Father in Heaven can help me supply her with what she needs!  I am amazed and grateful for the life which our Father prepares and guides us through.

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The Studes said...

I love you! I mean seriously you are amazing, Homeschooling while being on bed rest that truly takes patients and I applaud you for it. Congrats on your pregnancy that is such wonderful news. can't wait to see more blog posts, perhaps it will inspire me to blog more then just once a month. :)