Tuesday, September 6, 2011

SUMMER ... = ... FUN

I had these photos of our summer all organized, sort of, but at least in some semblance of order and when I imported (all 50!) they became a huge jumbled mess and I am sad to say I do not know how to change the order once they are here, on this page.  so enjoy our random summer videos and photos 

The day before school starts we go on a treasure hunt for fun school accessories.  Such as coloring books for the bus, hair stuff and such... its our fun tradition

swimming time

Miss H riding her bike for the first time!

Miss E and Miss H and I made a list of fun things we wanted to do this summer, so that way it wouldn't get complacent and repetitive.  I love feeling like life is an adventure but usually to make it like that you gotta plan your adventures... so here is what we did....

the girls played dress up and danced on the furniture

they relaxed on the couch
we got really messy eating yummy stuff

We went to lake powell and enjoyed LOTS of family time

Miss E tubed (so did Miss H)

Im not sure what Miss E is doing here, but I loved the picture

This is the girls when we finally saw lake powell

Flying kites behind the houseboat

We swam Nearly every day this summer and Miss H fell asleep on the way home Nearly every day.

Miss E at the sight of the Kites almost colliding

We enjoyed the Lake

We went to the Zoo inSalt Lake and here is all of the cousins on my side of the family

Miss H Checking out some animal, I think there was a Jaguar in there
Miss H checking out the elephants

We saw a peacock

We ate treats

We went school shopping and then did a fashion show with the cousins... (or "the guys" as Miss H calls her cousins)

We celebrated Miss H's birthday (so hot the cake melted)

We went on a hike to this waterfall, but the river was flooding so we couldn't go any further!

All the kids got in a huge mud party in the flooded run off and then we hosed them off and they got in the hot tube!  (later we had to empty the tub cause it  was dirte'

I had to get something when we went school shopping and aren't they cute!~

Not as cute as that face though

We celebrated Miss E's birthday! (6 now!)

We climbed trees

The girls rode a horse!

The girls rode a horse!

And the girls got a playhouse for their birthdays!!!

Hours of good fun!

We went to caves!!!! and then locked the keys in the car and the dads had to come rescue us with spare keys, it was fun!

But tiring, Miss E fell asleep on the way home!

We played at the local water park, Miss H was thirsty :)
Miss E caught lots of frogs, a fish, many grasshoppers, a praying mantis, a bird, and 2 flys. WHOA.

More swimming at the lake
The fish she caught

We surfed behind the boat

We hiked to some natural hot springs and there were the most beautiful sunflowers
the hot springs are something I want to repeat every summer! _well maybe in the spring cause it was hot!

We swam some more. 
(and more and more and more and more and more and more and more)

after the treasure hunt, this is Miss E's excited face
and this is Miss H's I'm happy but there is sun in my eyes and I don't know what to do about that face

I wish it could be summer all year long (I seriously would be happy with 92 degree weather every dang day) and we could have swimming, catching wildlife, boating, hiking, kite flying, hot springing, caving, dirty, fun, and delicious adventures all year long.

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