Friday, June 3, 2011

Soul Restoration 2

So if any of you gals out there want to enhance - lift up- be a little more focused or enjoy your life more than you do now. Even if you love your life deeply right now but want to get it to that next goal or step- If you need a serious face lift to your days, feel like your in a rut, need a little TLC or just want to do something special for yourself this summer- then you need to do this:

Copy and paste this into your address bar...

It will take you to a post about this great class she's teaching!

You need to visit
Melody Ross


and take her class "soul restoration 2" class

I promise you will love it!!!!

I got a little sneak peak of what's coming up in her class... It was lovely. The best thing I could describe it as- artsy, fun, very deep, helpful, true, lovely.


Ps- melody didn't ask me to post this- I doubt she will even know but she has a beautiful soul & Mind and so much to offer and I think every girl can use a little bit of love for the good hard things we do every that's why I'm linking to her- just you know- FYI :)

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