Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Summertime is bliss

So I haven't written.

Call me crazy, summer is just too fun to spend any time blogging! We have enjoyed boating, lake Powell, a cave adventure, hiking, and swimming.

Lots of swimming!

So I have a lot of pictures to post but it might be a bit yet.

Oh and this summer, Miss E has caught a few flies, many MANY grasshoppers, 2 frogs, a fish and a baby bird. Whoa.

And we spent a week hiking in Utah and spent lots of time canning salsa, boulenease, apricot jam and the girls got a playset for their birthdays.


I'm not ready for school to start :( only 2 more weeks of this bliss. But September will be busy so we'll be alright. Miss E is VERY excited for 1st grade, so that's good!

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