Saturday, September 3, 2011

Homework Continued...

so ... homework has gone better, each day a tiny bit better.  Then yesterday - A HUGE SUCCESS!-

First day of School Photo

what made yesterday SO GOOD!.......

1. Repetition - she knew it was coming, dang consistency :)
2. Snacks- she ate the whole time
3.Timer, seriously has been an idea sent from Heaven.  She has to do her homework in 30 min. if she doesn't finish she doesn't get, a star or a fun activity homework.
4. Little Sister Occupied. (Need I say more?)
5.  Fun Activity Afterward- yesterday she chose to play outside with friends, the day before painting.

So yesterday in one hour we accomplished...
Homework, snack time, her chore (to vacuum) and her reading practice.  It was truly amazing.  She really is motivated by that fun thing afterward. the other fabulous thing about yesterday is that we had nothing else planned after school.  so then she had all evening to play and unwind.

The rest of the week was something everyday that added stress to both of us. And NO time for the good stuff of relaxing and getting all the wiggles out.  Yesterday on the grass across the street Miss E ran and ran and ran some more.  She was literally doing circles around her friends.  She has SO MUCH ENERGY TO BURN!

First grader, is such a big adjustment, they are still so little, gone from home from 8:30-4:30 and then expected to do more work.  yucky.  thats why I hate saturday chores, so I decided (yesterday) we would do friday chore.  She has to help out everyday with mealtimes, so for now at least, one chore on friday is sufficent.

Obviously I am grateful for yesterdays success.  So thrilled, So grateful.  I  just loved how fun & smooth it went yesterday.  Her and I were laughing and just enjoying, that is how it needs to be.  I was having these dreadful thoughts of the next 12 years of her school life where her and I fought everyday.  NOT GOOD!
I am sure that there will be good & bad days, but yesterday just gave me 10,000,000,000 lbs of hope :)

I am so proud of my little growing up Miss E.

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