Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Showered Time Success!

We have always battled Miss E with her showers.  She really doesn't like being told what to do.  Which when you are young, you are constantly being told what to do.  So that can make life very difficult for child and parents.  Recently we found a fantastic fix, at least for being happily hygienic.  

I labeled the Shampoo and the Conditioner. #1 for the shampoo and #2 for the conditioner. I used the black lettering you buy when you sell your car... I tried a sharpie but the ink just slid off.  I am sure any scrapbook stickers would work great too. (and the pump style is a budget save -only one pump needed- no more cup full of shampoo being used per washing!)  She could read which was which but she could never remember if the Shampoo or Conditioner was used first.  Oh the things you have to learn!  As a parent I am constantly amazed at all the little things that you take for granted.  For example, we, adults, know that you just don't drink orange juice after brushing your teeth.  You just know that is NOT going to be a pleasant experience.  But a child doesn't know that.  They have to learn SO MUCH STUFF!

BUT this was a fantastic fix.  Now showering is not a frustration.  She knows what to do, and doesn't need annoying (for her) parental help.


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