Saturday, April 28, 2012

Welcoming ....SOPHIE!

Miss E LOVES animals, but she is allergic to most.  We do this token system in our house and Miss E has been working towards getting a bird and this week, she earned enough!!!!

WELCOME.....  Sophie!!!

She is a two year old Quaker Parrot.  She was mainly around animals in her last home and so she mimics parakeets and dogs.  But not too often.  Only a couple of times a day.  Her last owner told us that she didn't like music or people but that has NOT been the case!  She dances to music and squawks if its too boring or quiet around.  She has been GREAT with the girls.  She hasn't bitten and has let the girls hold her a ton and mess with her cage.  Once in a while she does try to hide from them, when she has had enough.  I would too!

Right before bedtime, my dad came over with Sophie, I had bought her a few days before and my parents kept her.  I was so impressed with Miss H and her little ability to keep a secret.  She was with me when we bought Sophie and she didn't say a thing.  And 2 of Miss E's cousins saw her at my parents house and they kept the secret too!  It was fantastic!

 I love Sophie's Colors, lime green with blue and turquoise tail feathers.  When she spreads her wings they are all blue, but the blue is hidden when her wings are close to her body.  Gorgeous!

The next morning....

After School....

 I found Miss E reading Sophie and Miss H a story.  We are trying to teach the girls that Sophie will be more comfortable with them if they are calm and just spend time around her doing quiet things.  So I was thrilled with her reading.   Yesterday Miss E had Sophie on her knee and she was coloring.  Perfect!  Then this morning when Miss E went to uncover Sophie's house, Sophie hopped right onto Miss E's hand.  She was THRILLED!  Success!

I don't know if I am more excited or Miss E that we have a parrot... It's SO much fun!

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