Thursday, July 5, 2012

Happy Birthday Miss H

I love my little 4 year old.  She is a darling.  Seriousy, I don't know how I am so lucky to have her in my life.  I adore her.  This last week she turned 4.  She is thinking she is hot stuff.  "I can wash my hands, cause I'm 4." "I can get my shirt on, cause I'm 4"  


 she was SO excited about her soccer ball.... she wants to be just like daddy :)
 A new "BIG" bike for her birthday!!
 surfing with dad behind the boat!

She's all tuckered out after the lake.  I love that she's asleep with her hand in the air and holding her birthday gum.  Darling.  (she didn't get sunburned she was just a little warm on the 98 degree day)

I wish she was still a tiny little thing.  But she is the perfect age.  She still loves to cuddle and kisses and loves.  And I am loving every second.  She is a bit of a outdoorsy type.  SHE LOVES TO PLAY.  For her birthday we had a party at the park, then went to the lake with all the family, then went to a baseball game so she could have her favorite dinner - Hot Dogs.  Awesome.  On the way home (at 10pm -gasp) she sang "Oh Yea! It's still my birthday!" over and over and over.  Melt a moms heart.  Everyday my girls melt my heart.


Sarah said...

She really is beautiful! And a little firecracker.

The Studes said...

how fun! I didn't realize Avi and Miss H were so close in age!