Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Vaca!! Lake Powell!

We had a most fantastic vacation!  Usually there is some mechanical issues or some major but not tragic problem on the trip, but not this year!!! And we got an extra day! the family on the houseboat left a day early so we got to spend a FULL 7 DAYS!!! on the lake.

We paddleboarded... a lot.

Jumped off lots of things into water... including Miss H!  Miss E helped her younger cousins, adorbale.

We laughed, ate lots of food and lounged about some.

Paddle-boarding as a family.

Miss H surfed with anyone who would take her, which was anyone who was going.  So she surfed tons.

Which made her smile,  She sported her sunglasses almost constantly.  In her words, "they are waterproof in the pool but not in the lake." I wonder where she got so smart. hmmm...

Kyle wakeboarded.

I videotaped. we used the "Go-Pro" constantly.  Best documented Powell trip ever.  I look like a bit of an idiot, but oh well, it was fun.

One of our friends brought this funny hat, the mustache stuck to the hat. the kids loved it.

We swam, at every possible moment. it was over 100 degrees every day most of the day, in the shade where the thermomter thing was hung.  And the water was probably 85 degrees.  I was in heaven. 

Driving fast on the boat is a funny thing, especially for girls because our hair goes every which way.

Miss E learning to wakeboard!!!!!! Kyle used the paddle board to help get her and her cousin out of the water, it worked like a charm.  By the end of the week, deep water starts were simplicity!  

Well done my Little Wakeboarder!

Doesn't that just look like success!  She did great!

Miss E driving the boat, she did this tongue thing all week, dang cute, but thankfully she hasn't been doing it at home.

We sprayed our hair blue.  Miss E has been wanting to die her hair all sorts of colors and we, as ever wise parents (hehe) decided that once a year on vacations, we would all do a temprotya hair color.  The girls thought it was THE BEST THING EVER!  

They were too busy to get a group photo, oh well!

Isn't she cute, she wanted Blue Stripes, so she got them.  

The blue washed out about the 3rd time jumping in the water, which worked fine because it was getting all over everything.  But you know we are doing it again next year!

The last two days it rained off and on again.  So we had fun anyways!

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