Monday, December 31, 2012

Snow Is Fun

We have had an interesting yet still very fun week at the cabin... 
Day 1 - Powder day, Kyle skied, I was wiped out from our 17 night long drive
Day 2 - Powder Day, Kyle and I skied.  (Powder is not a good kid ski day)
Day 3 - Kyle and girls skied - I wasn't feeling good :(
DAY 4- We all SKIED!!! YAY! Had too much fun to take a picture!
Day 5 - Sunday
Day 6 (today) - Girls had the flu :(

So, I only skied with my darlings 1 day and I only skied 2 days.  BUT those 2 days were FABULOUS!!!!  The rest of the time we did puzzles and made some quilts, read by the fire, played card games, watched movies, and cooked.  Nice and relaxing!

 Arent' my skies scary, I think I might paint them.

Always, always, always love cabin time.

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