Thursday, January 17, 2013

Miss H and dancing

 Miss H is in LOVE with dance.  
She thought she was a teapot in her dance recital, but actually, she was a daisy.  It didn't matter, she was adorable.  And as always she stole the show.  My girls are always the ones in the dance that stand out.  Always for funny reasons.  This time Miss H's tutu was too big, and I didn't pin it because.... Well, I just forgot.  And so throughout the entire 3 minute dance, her tutu kept falling down.  It was adorable and funny and oh so charming.  She steals my heart every day.

3 funnies relating to the recital...

1.  Day before the recital...

Miss E and I are clapping the rhythm to her piano song.  Miss H sighed, "Tomorrow, everyone will be clapping for me."

2.  Directly afterward, the first thing she said to me (not hi mom, or yay! flowers) ... 
Miss, H says, "Did you see my tutu fall?!"
Me, "yes!"
Miss H, "Did you laugh?!"
Me, cringing, "yes."
Miss H, "Oh Good!  It was SO FUNNY!"

3. Two days later...
Miss E, "Are you going to ever do something other than dance?"
Miss H, "Like what?"
Miss E, "Karate, or gymnastic..?"
Miss H, "but I love dance! So nope, well I will do music too."

I think the girl likes music.  I like her.

oh and do you see that hair bow, i have lost it, if I don't find it by tomorrow, I have to pay 25$.  hmm.

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Sarah said...

1) I laughed out loud reading this. She's stinking adorable.
2) TWENTY FIVE DOLLARS to replace a hairbow?!?!