Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Ah, lovely, precious, SLEEP!

Have you watched this British Comedian?  This clip is HILARIOUS!

Seriously ... Tears Rolling Down My Face Funny.  Enjoy

"Sleep?!"  "Haha" "SLEEPING AT NIGHT!"

Love it.

Thankfully my girls are 5 & 8 and the do sleep at night.  Rarely do they wake up.

Rarely do I sleep. What the heck?!?!

Lovely Insomnia.

Lymes = Insomnia
Pregnancy = not sleeping
Bed Rest = not sleeping

So I RARELY sleep all night.  What do I do all night?  Well I always  crash hard and sleep soundly for a few hours... blessed sleep.

Then.... I stare at Kyle, (wondering if I'll wake him up) stare at the ceiling, try out different sleeping positions, count sheep, wonder if I turn on my phone will it wake up Kyle, play card games on my phone, read my scriptures on my phone, shop on my phone (I have a no purchase rule during sleeping hours) then repeat.

Im usually awake from 1 to 5 hours.

Last night...I was sleeping soundly! Lovely.  When BAM!!!!! WHAT THE OUCHIE!!!!???!!

Back Labor.

Seriously intense ouchness!

Uh oh!  Back labor is a new reason to wake up.  This called for serious intervention.  I am only 25 weeks.  It is not good to be awoken from labor, that usually means its the real deal and a hospital trip is on the horizon.

Not good.  Only 25 weeks.  And seriously, Kyle was been swamped with work so not convenient or safe.

Intervention was needed.

I have prayed for help sleeping before.  I never seem to get much help.  more like

"Good Luck."  ( seriously watch that video!)

But last night, I was desperate.

I gave a quick desperate prayer that the back labor pain would stop and I would be able to sleep.

Guess What?!?! It did~! Yay!

If only I have enough faith to stop all my contractions and be freed from bed rest, but faith is like a seed.  WAHOO! for no trip to the hospital last night!

"Good night."
"Sleep well"
"I will"

Video= funny.

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you could always call me I'm always up late ;)