Sunday, August 5, 2012

The Odd Life of Timothy Green

We got to go see a screening of "The Odd Life of Timothy Green"  -solely because of our desire to adopt and our affiliation with LDS Family Services.  The movie was a little late for the girlies, but it was something we thought worthwhile to mess with bedtime.  Boy! Was the movie BEAUTIFUL.  And the girls loved it.  I thought it might go over their heads, but they understood it all.  They came from the movie saying, "I can't WAIT for a brother or sister!"   It was a gorgeous  film about loving children and parenting.  I laughed and cried thoughout the entire film.  Now that might have something to do with my deep desire to have more children.  And because I am first and foremost in my life a mother.  I adore motherhood.  I adore my children.  The movie just evoked my strong mothering emotions.  After the movie we realized that Miss H had left one of her shoes in the theater.  Kyle ran back to find the missing item while the girls and I.... played in the fountain!  We realized quickly the sign that said, "please do not play in the fountain."  Whoops!  

Do you like their outfits?  They wanted to wear "fancy" clothes, and this is what they deemed as "fancy".  You are only a child once.  Might as well live it up!

Miss H is wearing her fake smile here, she was not too happy that she was sitting next to the statues head, but was trying to please her big sister.  It was a cute exchange.  I wish I could videotape their entire life, savor each moment forever.  

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