Sunday, January 20, 2013

Adoption Dream

Yesterday I made a huge sign for my bedroom wall.  I thought I made it with the thought of Kyle and I in mind.  I am so blessed to be married to him.  But I woke up with a different meaning in mind.

You know how when you have been working and planning and hoping for some HUGE thing for a VERY LONG TIME ...and it doesn't happen... yet... and it becomes this far away dream. 
 Almost like it is not real?

I have been feeling that way.

I want a big family.

So deeply.

I love with my whole being my two daughters.  We have been promised through a blessing with more Children.  So I know that dream of a large family will happen.  Its just hard to wait. :)

We are ready.  We have enough space in the car, and a crib, empty, just waiting happily to be filled.

Last night, I had the most amazing dream.  It was fabulous.  

We had 4 children.  My sweet Emma and My darling Halie.   We were at church and I was holding our son Kase.  I wasn't really listening to the lesson.  Just admiring the way my son was snug in my lap.  I enjoyed his toes and his eyes and his adorable suit.   The sister over the nursery came and told me that my daughter needed me.  It was so exciting.  I picked up our precious Kase and walked into where Annabelle waited for me.  She was struggling in nursery.  A new  place.  I took her by the hand.

We went out and sat in the green grass.  We played a game to help calm her.  The sun was so bright and my heart was so full.  I love these children.  Annabelle came and sat on my lap.  We sat happily in the sunshine.  It was perfect.

I woke up with the sweetest joy in my heart.  Peace. 

My Father has a plan for me, for Kyle, for my Children.

Then I looked up my lesson for my tiny sunbeams that I teach at church.  Do you know what it was titled?  Heavenly Father Has a Plan for Me.

Then I happened upon this talk.... The Lord really is talking this morning.  I am so grateful.

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Devin said...

What a wonderful dream. I pray it will be reality sooner rather than later, and that you can be filled with peace and patience during the wait.

We love you and miss you.