Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Miss E and her big moments

Emma at her very first piano lesson.  She has now been doing piano for 3 weeks and loving it.  We are supposed to sit at the piano together.  We do, and I love it.   Its such a fabulous time to praise and build her.  I am so excited that it is going well, I was concerned.

Funny Moment-  we were leaving and Emma turned to me, eye shinning, "I didn't think that was going to be fun and it was!  I thought I was going to be terrible and I'm  terrific!" 

She even asks me to practice, and at times i have to say all firm like, "Stop Practicing Piano And Come For Dinner."  As if I actually want her to stop practicing.  HAH.  I love it.

Next big moment....  She lost her 6 tooth.  She said, "I didn't know pickles could be that hard!"

She was so thrilled and surprised she wanted me to text this photo to grandmas and aunts.  Another cute thing she said was, "I guess when you don't wiggle it, you forget that its loose!"

A big moment that we have been having in our home is the cute new way Emma is interacting with me.  Halie is just starting to learn how to read.  She is learning words like "and" and "the".  At times when Emma is there,  Emma turns to me constantly with a "knowing twinkle" in her eye and a knowing little smile.  Like, "isnt my younger sister so cute, learning things WE know."  Like the two of us are on a team, helping her little sister join the team too.

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