Friday, May 6, 2011

Bedtime shopping...

Mail time is always looked forward to.  Not by me per se.  But by the kidos.  Magazines!! Actually we only get the friend and National Geographic for kids BUT  to them every catalogue is a magazine.  Today's find was a kids birthday planning catalogue- i kid you not!  The things that they come up with are ridiculous and EXPENSIVE- but they girls were having a great time looking.  Both of their birthdays are in the summer so they are beginning to look forward to that.

Miss E studying it out.  I can just see her little mind working and planning and preparing.  Right now she is planning a "sugar and swimming with mermaid party"  Pretty much she wants a candy buffet.  HMM

I think she found her plan!  Kyle was enjoying their reactions to each page.  That's one of the things i LOVE about being a mom: watching them discover everyday.  Everything is amazing and wonderful and an adventure.  Its just a great way to look at life.

Now Miss H is pretty happy with her find.  I guess we should have been reading a more appropriate bedtime story but it just the time together that is important.

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