Monday, May 30, 2011

8 years of goodness!!

I can't believe I have been married to this amazing man for 8 years!!!!

I just think he is SO good looking!!

He is a rock in my life. He knows me and loves me. I can't believe I'm old enough to be married so long. I still feel the same (better actually) than I did in high school!

In our 8 years we have survived:

2 bed rest pregnancies
2 failed business ventures (still surviving the after affects of this)
Jobless times
5 moves
6 different jobs
Asthma in me & Miss E
2 babies in NICU
remodeled 4 homes
One Broken collarbone
A few near death moments of me (I don't think I was near death but ask Kyle and he'd say it was certain)
Potty training 2 children
And a stubbed toe :)

Kyle can't believe he's survived being married to me!! Oh the stress!!- (I have found 2 grey hair in his 31 year old head & he likes to say my [pathetic weak & wimpy] body has given them to him) sorry babe!!

We have loved every moment that we spend together- grateful for the bad times N all we learned and grew through them-

Also fabulously grateful for the good times....

Graduated College
Hawaii (3 times!!!!!!!!!!)
Owned 3 fun fun fun fun boats
Lake Powell adventures
Lake McClure houseboat tips
2 girls camps
Tons of snow skiing
Thousands of BBQ time
Ran Red Rock Relay
Scuba diving in Cozumel
(got our scuba diving certs)
Enjoys many of sand dunes trips
Picnic lunches & dinners
Many many a date nights

What we love to do together-

Boating (and all that involves)
Snow skiing
Watching movies
Dirt biking
Playing with our girls
house hunting
Pretty much if we are together- Im good!
DREAMING- speaking of dreaming- we LOVE to dream!!!!

What do we love to dream about??

Fulfilling people's bucket list dreams all around the world
Going on a mission together
Building a ski Lake community
Teaching our kids through service
Hosting benefit concerts
Adding to our family

Those are the big ones...

We are also big on our own hobbies-

--Kyle's hobbies--
Mountain biking
Helping others
Making up ideas
Ultimate frisbee
Watching wakeboard videos
Researching- boats, Homes, how to do stuff, benefit organizations, church missions, sand rails, etc

••Brits hobbies••
Home decorating
Glass paintings
Road biking- I'm trying
Dancing in the rain
Really anything fun & creative

I love it when Kyle reaches out to hold my hand.

Kyle loves it when I tickle his back.

So long to short- I just wanted to say YAY!!!!! WE ARE MARRIED!!

I am so glad we have each other :)

I love this guy...


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