Monday, May 2, 2011

I Scream - You Scream - I DANCE!

So we went out to ice cream.  And at the cute little place they had music playing - like fun happy old music.  And Miss H LOVED it!  She loves music with every fiber of her being.  She likes to shake it.  At least that is what she called it while she was dancing with her ice-cream.

Her she is shaking her booty at us.

More shakin'

Smiling at her audience, we were cheering her on so she was pretty happy with that.

Miss E wanted to get in on the applause.  She showed us her fabulous moves.

Now she's showing off for the camera - giving us all of her awesome faces.

crazily Miss H isn't showing off for the camera this was caught mid dance.

I LOVE ICE SCREAM.!  (and dancing)

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Rosemary said...

these girls are too cute!