Friday, May 20, 2011

School year ends

I cannot believe this is the end of the school year. I still can't believe i am sort of old enough to have a daughter in school. And next year she will be gone all day

I love my little big girl. She is so grown up. This week she has her first real field trip & I'm missing it :( that makes me even more sad. It's miss H's last week of swimming lessons and she can't miss them...

I seriously wish that time could pause and I could savor these moments even longer. I could be a young mom forever.

I know that many young mom days are hard but when I realize that the times are a changing- real school days are coming with homework and quick evenings- I'm sad that this daughter won't be home with me as much.

I don't want her to be out there in the works with mean people. I want to protect her forever. But that's not right. She has to learn and grow. I wonder if this is how heavenly father feels when he knows we are about to go through hard things. I like to think so.

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