Friday, April 29, 2011


We had a MOST EXCELLENT family night.  It wasn't actually "Family Night" but we certainly had some great family fun time.  We had been wanting to go to this jump place but hadn't been able to squeeze it in.  But Guess What?!?  We finally did!  AND HOT DOG!  It was way more awesome than I thought!  The place has a dodge ball section (I couldn't take pictures of this because I was a bit too busy)

 They had a foam pit that we all loved.  Chase (my brother- oh side note- so we went to Utah and then a bit later- who shows up? Yep my little bro who we went to visit!  Lucky us!!) is here doing a back flip into the pit.  ON this particular jump he almost ate it!  But not to worry he didn't.  And for his pride this was his only close call
 They had lil kids blow up things.  I don't know what these are really called.  But the girls (well me too) love them.  We slid down the slides, played house in the a big house jump house (how many times can I use the word house?!?)  And just had so much fun!  We also had a dance party in the jumpy house without music- we danced to our own music.
 Chase and Miss H Going down the slide
 What a great lucky shot!! My nice camera died and I'm being stubborn- I won't buy a new one until I can get "the one"  I want.  SO until then we borrow beg and almost steal other cameras or just use our phone_which is most of the time_  But DANG!  MISS E is having so much fun!  I think we all felt like this!
 Proof that I'm not getting too old!

 Miss H having a ball in the pit- she loved it best when we just tossed her in :)  I love being a mom!

Chase and Kyle doing their tricks in Unison.  How adorable those two guys are!

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