Monday, September 10, 2012

fun busy week...

 Random, Pretty Normal Week for us...

Here is Miss H, looking utterly confused at what to do, which is pretty normal, during her game. 

Miss H's Soccer game.  She mainly stands on the outskirts of the action and twists her hair.  

Here she is asleep, in the parking lot of Miss E's Elementary school.  What a position!  I couldn't believe my eyes.  I did the "quiet laugh" all by myself.  Who cares?  Who sleeps like that?

One Morning this last week, while waking up the girls (which I do by singing "Zippy Do Da" and such songs, I am sure they LOVE IT.  I know I do, hee hee)  Anyways, The sunrise looked AMAZING.  Wonderful way to start the day.  With a sunrise like that.  Its in moments like this, of EXCEPTIONAL beauty, that I realize how much Heavenly Father loves each of His children.  Seriously, what a masterpiece to give.

Summer is officially FANTASTIC.  Now that we met up with the Ice Cream man.  It literally took us all summer, and this time was just barely, we were about to leave.

Sleeping in the backyard!  Kyle put the tent up on Friday night, and took it down on Sunday Evening.  The girls LOVE sleeping out there.  So special and cool!  They spent nearly every waking moment we were home in or around the tent.  They set up a liberary and a toy store and, and, and ... ok they pretty much move out there.

Good to be little.

And one more noteworthy thing,... I ordered pizza for our Friday Night Movie Night, and ordered the LARGEST pizza I have ever seen.  2 FEET ACROSS! Two pizzas that size. And one medium.  We had to invite over extra cousins just so that we could finish it.  We had 10 cousins and 3 adults.  We all Ate until we were stuffed, we had left overs, next two days we ate Pizza for lunch and this morning, I had to throw 4 very large slices away.  We COULD NOT finish them.  Crazy.

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Chelsea said...

You have the cutest, sweetest family! it looks like summer was awesome for you guys!