Sunday, September 30, 2012

My miss E.

Obviously, I am biased.  But I adore this little girl.  She dances to her own music, follows life to her own drum beat, flows though her day the way a bee buzzes through air.  Does it really have a purpose? Yes that bee has a specific direction, goal, and is driven to accomplish, you just wouldn't thinks so as it zigzags through the air incomprehensibly.  As my Miss E.  She has the most interesting outfits she puts together.  Dresses as skirts are a very very common attire in our house.  No worries, she puts "another skirt on top to cover the arm holes"  Direct Quote.

Below she has set up her reading station.  She reads to me for 20 min each day as part of her homework.  This is not her favorite time of the day but she does it with flair!  I never thought it was possible to read with flair, but I was wrong.  Every day she sets up her reading spot differently.  This day she was in our rocker, with my sisters high heels on, with an umbrella perched atop her.  Why the umbrella?  Im not sure, but she loved it.   

We had crazy hair day.  So her hair was sprayed blue for the day.  The dye is the coolest stuff.  It washes right out.  So if she wants blue hair on crazy hair day, more power to her :)  Yseterday she tied a scarf end to each of her wrist so she could have a shawl but not have to hold on to it.  Creative, I tell you.  Creative.  Also she makes accessories like it is going out of style.  One day this week she was franticly making a necklace for school so she could have something that matched her outfit.  (Funny enough the necklace didn't match!)  But she finished it in the car on way to school and she was tickled pink with it.  Love her.

She never thinks, is this wierd, maybe people will think I'm weird. Nope. She is completly herself. Through and Through.  I hope she never stops.

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