Friday, September 7, 2012

Farewell Summer, Hello Schedule

I am always so sad when school starts.  I just LOVE summer.  I love the long days playing in the water.  I love to have no agenda but time with my children.  I must admit, My girls are THRILLED with the beginning of school.  Miss E got the teacher I have been praying for all summer.  This teacher is FANTASTIC!!! of course what Miss E is really excited about is ...  Friends and friends.  I guess thats a good thing.  Especially Miss H is excited for (pre)school, she is IN LOVE with having "important" things to be doing.  I am just grateful that I have only two mornings with them both away from home.  Those mornings have been quiet and nice but I am not ready to have my girls away all day, is that lame?  I just miss them!  I tried the homeschool thing this summer, but that CERTAINLY didn't work, Miss E does NOT like to have me for her teacher, we get along MUCH better when she is learning school stuff from someone else.  Its good to be honest with yourself...

Anyhow, here is first day week of school pictures!

I love how Miss E (in the black) thinks she is darling.   It's a good thing to have such thoughts.  There are enough people in the world telling you otherwise.  
Notice her shoes, Grammie, Nanna, Dad, and I went to about 10 different places looking for those.  We were about to say, "No shoes for you!"  Finally we realized she wanted sparking ballet slippers and we were trying to get her PE tennis shoes.  She needed both since all she had were flip flops and some Saltwater Sandals.  Can't wear sandals to school!  So once we figured that out, our shopping was done in ONE store. 
 Communication.  Its a killer!

(Notice Grandma in the background)

Yesterday after Miss H came home from (pre)school, and I sat and held her while she slept.  
Actually that is a lie!  
I went in to sit and snuggle with her, while she was watching a movie, and who do I find? Yep, Kyle was holding my sleeping child.  What a Punk!  I wanted to do that.  So I just sat myself right next to him and snuggled on in.  Kyle and I sat there for about an hour, savoring that little moment.

I found this yesterday...

On a separate note... last night we had Back-to-School night AND an adoption function, the first of four this month... can I just say, that its so hard to go to those things.  I want another child so deeply.  I feel selfish.  But it's the truth.  I am so blessed with my two girls.  But OH! to have a large, rambunctious, loud, fun, tumbling family.  My heart yearns for that.  Yearns for another child (children) to love and cherish and raise.

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