Monday, April 25, 2011


I think I have like 25 pictures from Easter Yesterday posted.  I took a few more than that :)  We had such a fun day.  It was a funny week of counting down to the big "candy bunny day"  as my girls liked to call it.  Every day the question was posed, "Which many more days?"  At first I would name the days that we had left but I stood corrected, they didn't want to know which days but how many days.  My mistake!

So the easter bunny hides the girls baskets when he comes so they get to go on a treasure basket hunt.  It is great fun and for the first time Miss E got stumped.  I guess the Easter bunny realized she's getting older.  Sigh.

I think she liked the necklace.

The disbelief and joy! funny thing I actually think this is my favorite picture.

showing off the jewelry

Take a nice gander at those bangs!  Yep she cut them.  More on that in days to come.

Miss H and Miss E both received finger nail polish in their baskets and Miss H was having a ball painting my toes, and my fingers and my skin, and my pants and the coffee table......  but it was fun :)


Miss H wearing her necklaces- and one of Miss E's

Here is Miss E when she heard it was time for the easter egg hunt.  She took off running.  This might be my favorite picture.

She gave me a nice smile as she ran past


I think Miss H liked what she found.  No wait, any one of these three.

Sadly (for me) she was not sharing, but showing off.  I don't blame her :)

All the kidos checking out their loot and enjoying the spoils.   Or this one picture- I can't decide I just love my sweets so much! They had a humongously fun time- 

Actually so did us "adults"  While the dads were hiding the kids easter eggs the kids went and hid the adult easter eggs.  So in the adult eggs there are numbers.  And when the hunt is all over we, the parents, go inside and get to pick from a litter of stuff that everyone has contributed to.  IT IS SO FUN!!  Who says the kids get to have all the fun.  My dad has always been annoyed with this tradition and we finally found out why.  He was in the hunt.  He wanted to join in to!  So he did.  And he now loves it.

Yea!  I got a picture of Kyle and he's sort of looking my direction!  SCORE!!

My sister.

My dad.

Me reaching for Halie (with my egg that had the #2 inside-score !)  and my other sister probably wondering why Im not looking at my daughter but at the camera.   She was unsure of jumping and was taking -a long time- so I took the opportunity to pose.  

My brother getting some help from the egg hider.

All (well most) of the kidos before dinner and right after the hunts.  Dang we are lucky!

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Avery and Elle's mom, Sarah said...

I meant to tell you that I loved their dresses on Easter. Stinking cute!