Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Sun or Snow?? Who can know!!

We made a very very very quick trip to Utah.  But we packed in as much as possible.   Dinner with my brother.  Snow Skiing, Trip to the wave rider, lots of games.  Good times!  I hesitated posting this cause there are a few people that we didn't visit -I'M SOO SORRY!"  WE DO LOVE YOU!  But we came down to visit chase and give him some much needed sibling time. 

Miss H "skied for the first time!!" On the lift and everything!! She did fabulous!  I was so impressed!  She mainly stayed between my legs or Kyle's legs but she did go about 20 feet all by herself. Going from me to Kyle.  It was pretty cute.  We got a video of the funs but its on our actual video camera and not just our phones so, it might be a while until I can figure out how to hook everything all up.  I know!   please don't judge my incapability :)  The funniest thing was that we had to come in because she peed her pants BUT she didn't care that her pee was freezing between her legs- she wanted to keep on skiing. A girl after my own heart!  One proud mama!  (But that's disgusting so we did go in and clean up)

Miss E, Dad and my brother had a snow fight outside.  I was inside with Miss H watching from the window.  Much to her dismay she's still a bit young to join in that kind of fun.  The snow would have covered her in an instant,  It was above the windows!!  The windows in the picture there are from the second story of the cabin across the way~ Miss E and Dad are standing on top of the snow!  There was a crazy amount of white stuff about the place.  So we decided to pretend we were someplace where there is ocean and an amazingly perfect wave to ride at all times!  What a great fun idea!

 Dad and my brother "surfing"  I LOVED watching (a little jealous I didn't go, but hey! someone has got to watch the cute kidos~ and truth be told they were so much funner to watch then the boys~)

 At this cool place in Provo they also had a carosel for the girlies and they L.O.V.E.D every second of the ride round and round!  We went twice but both times they asked if they could just stay on it the whole time we were there- It was pretty dang cute.  But I might be a bit biased.


Thanks for letting us come and visit Chase!  I can't wait to see you again.  And to the Wagstaff's and Studs- we are coming down again the beginning of June~ let's do something!! We will have more time this time around!

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The Studes said...

count me in for june!! Even if it means leaving our girls behind with their dads and you and me hit the town!!! :)