Saturday, April 23, 2011

Park Time Has BEGUN!

 So during summer we like to walk to the park (or ride our bikes) and have dinner at the park.  
We haven't ventured with the whole dinner yet since it's still cold but we have begun our park (almost) daily tradition!  

Yesterday Miss H went to the park 3 times! Once for an easter egg hunt, once when we went as our whole family and once the girls went with the babysitter while we had a date night. 

One the way to the park- the excitement is building........

 The Swings- which I must say is the absolute favorite.  I actually don't really enjoy pushing the swings because I can't see their fabulous smiles.  What's the fun of the work if you can't have the enjoyment of the outcome??  Well I guess it is because you know your child is having a blast but still- I want to see the smile~  Yesterday Miss H and I went on the swing together- she was facing me, and that was wonderful.  I got to see her smile, I got to swing, loved it~

Slide time

She's all posing- i love it, but it also makes me sad cause she is growing up


 It was FABULOUS!! Hooooooray for warmer weather!!!  HOOOOray for family park time!

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