Thursday, April 14, 2011

3 times the charm

I have tried to blog 2 times now. Hopefully the third time will be the success!! The last two blogs I loved doing so much that I spent WAY too much time on them. This time around I am giving myself certain guidelines. Some Rules that I must obey. First. Only blog during child sleeping hours. Second. Only Blog 1-2 times per week. Third. I can only spend 1 hour each time blogging reading blogs -speed reading- it is SO great to be able to see what everyones up to!!!!

(Please wish me luck)

The point of this blog (other than the fun of having it) is to keep our family that far from us updated on our life! We also are working toward adopting a precious child. So hopefully this blog will first off give any birth moms looking for a family a slice of what we are all about and in the future will give our future birth family updates in our life! We are so in love with life. We really LOVE to have fun and be together. Hopefully we can convey this.

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