Friday, April 15, 2011

At the Zoo!

We wore out the girls at the zoo. Sleeping girls = Happy Mama! It was a fun afternoon. I picked up Miss E at kindergarten and then headed downtown. We met dad and some friends at the zoo. It was a funny mixture of racing to the next animal with Miss E and trying to get Miss H to keep up while letting her enjoy smelling the -well I'd say roses but there were no roses. She mainly likes to pick up rocks and put them in her pocket.
Miss E didn't want to wear a jacket and I was nervous that she'd be cold and complaining but she handled the wind like a champion! She is growing up.
Our friend trying to kiss the goat. Yuck!
Miss E at the favorite spot- the carousel
Miss H- she was so busy looking around that she didn't want to look at me!
I love taking my girlies on outings. I love the idea that they are building memories together. I also feel like I'm doing a good job as a mom. I really adore my girlies and I want them to be the bestest of friends. Im way close to my siblings and I want SO BADLY for my kids to have the same relationship.
And of course the favorite slide. Down the giraffe neck they go.
Kyle was able to go to the Zoo today and we LOVED having him with us.
Everything is funner (I know that funner is not a word but it's the name of my parents houseboat so in this family its a word!) with dad.

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The Studes said...

YEAH! welcome back to the wondferful world of blogging! I hope the adoption thing goes well what YOu guys have such a great home for that child to be welcomed into.