Thursday, April 12, 2012

All Hyper at Bedtime

Its a known fact that the Dad's job at home is to wrestle and "Rough House" and tickle and horse around with the kids.  Usually mom is there to cuddle with and dad is there to wrestle with.  One would think that cuddle time would be right before bed.  But as the days are getting longer, but school is still in session, its getting harder and harder to stop to "dad" time.  The girls were all dressed for bed, homework done, and dinner was cleaned up....story time?  I think not.  How about "Trampoline Time?"  Sure!!!

 (our dog, Hercules wanted so badly to join them, but he was so patiently waiting his turn - Most days you can find "herc" up on the trampoline, it's his favorite spot)

Crack the Egg, is the girls favorite game with dad, but since Miss H cracks very quickly, Miss E is always trying to hold out!


Ahh... What a great way to end the day.

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