Sunday, April 8, 2012

One Fun Easter

Easter was a fun one!   Miss E woke up early, got showered, got dressed and then woke up Miss H, so that they could hunt for their hidden easter baskets.  Miss E's was hiding in the closet behind her coat and Miss H's was hiding behind the curtain in the dinning room.  

Silly Putty was our Favorite.  The girls favorites were their new flip flops.  (and probably the candy)

After church we headed to Grammies house, while we waited for all the cousins, Miss H took a nap and Dad took Miss E on a canoe ride.  I sat in the sun and read a book.  It was delightful.

( I also got a canoe ride! )

Kyle took Miss E all around the pond and they almost got wet in the fountain.  They went under the willow tree and had a great time.  After, Miss E took her basket in search of wildlife and flowers, still a bit too early in the season for either but she had a great hunt.

14 cousins geared up for the easter egg hunt..... Little ones went first, good thing too!  Look at all those big kidlets. The girls youngest cousin ... Little Baby not pictured.

Miss H enjoying her easter candy booty.

Miss E Showing her eggs.  I love her smile in this photo & the little twinkle in her eye.

(Miss H is busy with serious deliciousness)

It was a great night.  Grammie and Grandpa topped the night off with a new swimsuit for each child.  As if the kids needed any more spoiling.  But holidays aren't too often, so might as well enjoy. Right?  Right!

We feel so blessed to be able to celebrate our Saviors Resurrection and Sacrifice for us with our family.  It was a perfect day, just as I imagine the day that Christ was Resurrected.  Can't  you just picture that morning near His Tomb.  Mary Magdalene weeping because her Savior was gone?  And then he says, "Why weepest thou?"  Here is a beautiful video about His Resurrection.  I think we are going to start  Family Home Evening tomorrow night with this video.   Its beautiful, but I guess I already said that :)  Happy Easter!

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