Friday, April 6, 2012

Sledding and the snow cave!

Up at "Grammies" cabin, the girls and I had one evening all to ourselves!  It was wonderful.  We played a card game and twister, at dinner, made crepes for breakfast the next day, and of course went sledding!  After about an hour and a half (I can't believe the girls lasted so long!)  Little Miss H lost her snow boot in the snow, so we made a hasty retreat to a warm bath.  All better :)

The girls made a little home (Miss E was directing the story) out in the "wilderness"  They both had homes at the bottom of trees, and the meadow was their school.   Adorable.

The next day, the big cousins made a snow cave for the little kids.  They LOVED it.  I think they spent more time out in the cave then in the house that day.  I love that the older kids would be so great to the younger ones.  What an amazing family we are blessed with.



HOOOOORAYYYYYYYY!!!!!! now I can update a ton more because I'm not using the sad little camera on my phone!  I am SO SO VERY INCREDIBLY HAPPY about this!

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The Studes said...

HA! I was going to ask if you had gotten a new camera since that was a picture overload and I totally LOVED IT!! your girls are so pretty it's sad we don't live closer.