Friday, April 20, 2012

Spring Fever

I thought only high school seniors got spring fever.  I, stay-at-home-mom, of only one school aged child,  have spring fever.  

 On wednesday we had a no school day, (teacher in service)  and it was the best wednesday ever.  I don't want school ever again.  We had some of the cousins over and it was fantastic.
 Here is the girls lemonade, or rather Kool-aid, stand.  I thought that was the highlight of their day.  But later on they said the highlight was jumping on the trampoline.  Which they do every day so Im guessing they think life is pretty good.
 The kids played on the trampoline, in the playset, with water balloons, sidewalk chalk, found bugs, played with their little puppet theatre, barbies and of course a movie.

 My sisters and I were the kids only customers, but they didn't care, and somehow their two pitchers of koolaid was still gone at the end of the day.  A mystery.
 Big cousin trying to teach Miss H how to ride the two wheeled bike.  Still too young but it was a great effort!

 Miss E rode a huge bike!  It was too big for her to get on by herself but once she was up there, it wasn't a big deal at all, she cruised all over the place.
 Love the little hands!  They got the sidewalk chalk wet and it was a entirely new drawing experience. Kind of like sidewalk chalk finger painting.

She decided that her training wheels are still needed.  But she had left her bike out a few days ago and it got crunched by the car.  The front wheel is at a very precarious angle.  I think we need to move the training wheels to the "big princess bike"  which is actually perfect size for my little, almost 4 year old.

The end of the day was my favorite.  The girls and I read about 20 books, all curled up on the couch.  Then  after Miss H went to sleep (at the crazily early time of 6:30) Miss E and I played a board game in her tent.  I just took the fun tent down before it lost its novelty,

I'm not sure why but having both of my girls home, during the week, just made me entirely grateful to be a mother.  I am amazed that I get to be their mom.  I love when we are together.  I think I love summer so much because I get to spend so much time together as a family.  I love having my children with me.  I love to hear their squeals and their giggles.  I love the sentence... "mom can we..." usually some crazy idea comes out of their minds.  I love to watch them discover the world and love every moment.  I am grateful that I get to make their food, and keep our home.  That I get to create this environment for them to grow up.   I am dazed by the responsibility that I have to raise them to be responsible  adults who love and serve Jesus Christ, but am so eternally grateful for the challenge.  Sometimes I am overwhelmed by this challenge.  But ALWAYS,  I am eternally grateful that I am a MOTHER.

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