Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Dress up and Imagination

On Sunday I was reading a book, Kyle (my stud of a husband) was working on dinner prep, and I heard a dog barking - in the house!  Our beloved dog is an outside dog, due to Miss E's allergies.  So I quickly looked up and beheld our two fantastic girls playing dress up and imagination.

Miss H was the "mom" and Miss E is obviously the dog.  She makes an amazingly realistic dog sound.  Rehearsed and Rehearsed to prefection.  In fact she has been known to have dogs respond to her barking. Is that normal?  Probably not.

When my girls dress up usually they are dressed up to the NINES... but it was a wonderfully warm day and they were in a hurry to head outside.  So mom's heals are the only accessory.

There they go..... headed to "take the dog for a walk"I am glad my girls have an imagination.  Although mostly their imagination play revolve around animal families.  The favorites are Dogs, Horses and strangely enough, Wolves.  Most recesses Miss E can be found with about 5 other girls playing some sort of animal game.  The dad animal is protecting the baby animals from danger and the mom animal is making soup, cake or dinner.  Yep, Miss E is one of those kids.  I love it.

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