Friday, April 13, 2012


Growing up with 2 sisters and a mom, (we were all the same size) so naturally.... we all shared clothes.  And I, being the youngest, had a lot of clothes to choose from.  That is until my sisters left for college - and took my clothes with them.   Then I had nothing!

This morning my two beautiful girls became sisters.  I heard the evidence from my down the hall, they were in their room, getting dressed.

Miss H (age 3) - Sister, is this yours?

Miss E (age 6) - yep

Miss H - Oh, can I wear it?

Miss E - sure

Miss H - SQUEAL!

Oh! the joys of sharing clothes!

(I thought Miss H would come out wearing some of her sisters school clothes, but no, an old dance recital costume and, of course, a crown.... that is the joy of being 3!)

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Sarah said...

Haha, love this!