Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Miss H Bike Riding Lessons

Miss H left her bike (that has training wheels) at her cousins house. (well,  I did) And so she decided that she'd learn how to use the '"big princess bike"  she wasn't quite ready but she felt so big trying.

I don't know how she was seeing with all of her hair in front of her face, thankfully, she liked the idea to move her hair as well.

That's her "I am done face.". 

I Miss E learned how to ride a bike about 6 months older than what Miss H is now, so she still has some time until she really is ready.  But how can you say '"no, sweet little child of mine, you can't try yet."?  You can't.  Kyle certainly can't say no for the girls trying new things.  It was a sweet moment.

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