Thursday, April 12, 2012

Washing the Truck

Kyle loves a clean vehicle.  And so do I,  but he is much better at the whole process that it takes to keep the car "spic and span" clean.  We hit 80 this week and so .... Car wash time!  

Kyle doesn't love his picture taken, (Don't know why he married me then because I LOVE to take pictures- he's a good sport)  So this was the best shot I got of him, oh well :)

Miss H was "helping". I  love her happy little content face.  Adorbale. (if I do say so myself)

At this point above she had just sprayed the truck and thought that was the best thing in the whole world.

  Now that dad was drying it off she had to spray the street.  She still enjoyed using the hose but wasn't exactly thrilled that she could only spray the black boring street.  I think she got more wet than the truck.

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