Friday, April 20, 2012

Good Morning Song

We had the most fun Wednesday.  School was out for "Teacher Inservice Day" I don't know why they made it during the middle of the week.  But more on that later.   Which made Thursday Morning like Monday Morning.  Hard to get going.  Little Miss H (who went to bed at an all-time early record time of 6:30 on Wednesday.  I mean she was out, in her pjs and knocking ZZZZ's at 6:30pm) she woke up on Thursday at 7:30.  Which means she got 13 hours of sleep!!!  But Miss E was still sleeping... in a tent in the Game Room.

So Miss H came into my room and immediately asked where Miss E was.  She headed straight to the tent and I heard ... from her little 3 year old voice ....

Jesus wants you for a sun BEAM
Jesus wants you for a sunBEAM
Jesus wants you for a sunBEAM
(hesitant pause)
Jeass wants you for a sunBEAM]
 to shine today!!

Good morning, sister, want to come play with me?

that one goes on the all time favorite list.

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